Anguilla Wedding Requirements

It is really easy to be married legally in Anguilla!

Travel Guide to Anguilla

Where to stay

Couples marry under the authority of a special license that takes approximately 2 working days to process. Both parties must present proof of citizenship of their resident country. These documents are the same documents that you will need to fulfill your entry requirements when visiting Anguilla; your passport or an original birth certificate accompanied by photo identification such as a driver’s license. Two witnesses are required. If applicable, a divorce or death certificate must be present.

Marriage License Cost:

If one partner resides in Anguilla for at least fifteen days prior to the date of marriage, the cost of the license is US $40. If the stay is shorter, then the cost of the license is $284 (representing stamp duty). If you plan to marry in Anguilla, contact the Minister and then the Magistrate. {Tel:    Minister:  1 (264) 497-2377/Magistrate:  1 (264) 497-3477}

On-Island Wedding Planners:

The island’s hotels offer comprehensive assistance to couples planning this special event and there are on-island wedding planners as well.

Symbolic ceremonies:


Religious ceremonies: 

Christianity is the dominant religion in Anguilla and they have several churches for the predominant denominations such as Anglican, Baptist, Roman Catholic, and Methodist. There are several other active denominations and religious communities, such as Pentecostal and Jehovah’s Witnesses, which can be found throughout Anguilla. The Island’s only mosque is located off Jeremiah Gumbs Highway. Members of the Rastafarian faith also meet for worship.

Where to get married:

Barefoot brides have celebrated their nuptials on Anguilla’s stunning beaches for years – but the beaches are far from the island’s many romantic venues. Luxurious seaside villas, historic venues, majestic hotels, private yachts and tropical gardens offer a beautiful setting for your special day.  For a more traditional ceremony, Anguilla’s churches are perfect.


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  1. Wow gorgeous location, having the reception on the beach with that backdrop would be amazing

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