Jamaica is great for weddings

In Jamaica, there is something for everyone. Being the 3rd largest Caribbean island, it is an island that offers the opportunity for a laid back vacation or one where you can be experiencing something new every day from Jamaican bobsledding to rum tours to climbing Dunns River falls to visiting the healing Milk River baths said to have more healing power than the Baden Spa in Switzerland.  

Jamaica was one of the first islands to welcome destination wedding couples and one of the great appeals for North American couples is the wedding requirements.  In a nutshell, you can be married 24 hours after your arrival and legal marriages are performed from 6 am to 8 pm, any day of the week, even Sundays.

Another appeal to Jamaica is the many wedding locations. You name it and it can be arranged. Try to pick between these: white sandy beach, cliff side weddings, gazebo weddings, private island locations, waterfall backdrop, jungle ceremony, private villa overlooking the Caribbean Sea, a historic wedding at a coffee or sugar plantation, and even the Golden Eye Estate for your dream location. That’s right, a James Bond wedding! Or how about underwater vows, on a private boat or, dare I say, vows au natural.

Legal Requirements

• Notarized copies of birth certificate for both bride and groom.
• Proof of divorce (if applicable) – Notarized copy of Divorce documents.
• Notarized or Original copy of Death Certificate in the case of widow/widower.
• Notarized copy of Adoption documents reflecting name change (if applicable).
• Notarized translation of documents to English where originals are in another language.
• Notarized copies of bride and groom’s passports
• Job Titles of Bride and Groom

You will notice that translating documents and blood tests are NOT required.  All documents are in English.

If you are organizing your wedding with a planner or resort in Jamaica, these documents must be couriered to the wedding planner not more than 30 days prior to your ceremony in order to allow time to obtain your marriage license. Fed Ex seems to work the best. After your marriage, your marriage certificate is given to you. Also, two copies are mailed to you as well.

Note: according to the Jamaica Tourism board, it is no longer necessary to submit birth certificates with the father’s name on them.  Please double check with your resort or wedding planner.

In Jamaica, there are ministers of all denominations: Jewish, Catholic and Muslim wedding can all be performed. There is only 1 Rabbi on the island, so book early. If you would like to bring your own minister, you can do that however the Jamaican minister must perform the vows and signing.

Popular Jamaica Areas

Montego Bay

Mo’Bay is a vibrant and energetic area. More beach, more fun and the area where there are the most resorts. Everything you need or want is here.


Negril is the capital of casual, where no resort is taller than the average palm tree. Get your hair braided if you like. Home to 7 mile beach where long walks on the beach are daily routines along and when you reach the south end of 7 mile beach you are rewarded with stunning cliffs where you can ‘take the plunge’ into the Caribbean Sea.  In Negril town, you can sip cocktails at the local Rick’s cafe and admire the scenery – the cliffs and Negril lighthouse.

Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios is known as the essence of everything Caribbean: beautiful blue waters, beaches, waterfalls and mountains.  Runaway Bay and Discovery Bay are rich in history. Lush gardens are at every resort and there is the hustle and bustle of the cruise port. It is a good mix of Negril and Mo’Bay. Action with over 175 licensed attractions, but quiet too.

Port Antonio

Come visit the ‘other side of Jamaica’. Waterfalls, the Blue Mountains, river to raft down and natural landscape combined with coves of Sandy beaches await you.  Mix with the locals at the market and dance to the rhythms of reggae at a dance club or rum bar. For the adventurous side of you, hike mountain trails and try a challenging bike trip. Lodging is available at luxury villas including one with a music recording studio used by the famous to Villa and small hotel accommodation.

Jamaica Cruise ports

These include Mo-Bay, Port Antonio, Ocho Rios, and Falmouth.  You can be married in port and in this case the 24 hour residency requirement is waived for cruise passengers. It is easy to be married in Jamaica while you are on a cruise.

More about Jamaica:

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