Fred and Christine’s Dream Wedding in Santorini, Greece

I was delighted when Fred and Christine contacted me to see if a dream wedding in Santorini would be possible. My first answer was ‘of course’!  

Crunching numbers, calling a few experts I know to collaborate, aka  I call working my magic, and I was able to present to them a customized 7 nights in Greece within budget (espcially for guests) with a centrally located hotel in Athens and a lovely hotel  for their accomodation and wedding in Santorini…with a few extra touches as you will read below.

We booked a little more than a year out for their destination wedding in Santorini, leaving plenty of time to sort out the legal wedding requirments and to allow time for guests to save money and/or plan to extend their trip after Greece. Many, I helped travel to and throughout Italy afterwards.

I loved working with this group.  And when I received this letter from Fred and Christine after they had returned, I may have been a little teary eyed (ok, I was teary eyed). This is why I do what I do.  Make dreams come true. Plan tailor-made itineraries that match my clients.

Thank you Fred and Christine for the lovely letter!!


Dear Tanja,

How do you thank someone for a dream vacation?   First of all,  THANK YOU!! 

Our trip was huge.  Eight full days with family and friends in Greece, four days in Athens and then 3 days in Santorini, where Fred and I had the wedding of our dreams.  After that you arranged our honeymoon in Spain and Italy, along with helping at least 12 other family members arrange further trips to follow Greece.  WOW!

Greece was amazing.  More than amazing.  Working with our budget, you helped to pick a hotel in Athens that was central, but out of the way enough that we didn’t have to worry about traffic or masses of people, and could still walk pretty much everywhere. 

The first night we were in Athens, the welcome dinner you arranged was perfect.  It helped everyone to adjust to the time change, and to really get into the spirit of the trip.  And do I need to mention the food??!!  The food in Greece was the best I have ever eaten, all fresh ingredients and home cooked.  At the restaurant it felt like we were being welcomed into the owners home, and treated like family.

When we arrived in Santorini we were blown away.  The hotel was spectacular, even more beautiful than the pictures. 

Being in Santorini at the Aressana hotel was my favorite part of the entire trip, and the perfect location for our wedding.  The weather was wonderful, the staff were incredibly helpful and the location was magical.  With the hotel only 2 minutes from Fira town and literally across the street from our wedding site, everything was close and easy to get to.

Our honeymoon was just as fun and we loved being by ourselves exploring Spain and Italy.  The hotels were wonderful, we got upgraded in pretty much every one, and the tours were fantastic.  We especially liked the private tour in Italy with Garth, and the Segway tour in Italy.

From conception to execution you have been a part of this trip with extreme professionalism, in depth knowledge and an upbeat positive attitude.  You were indispensable and irreplaceable.  Transfers were arranged, meals provided and options presented in a manner that was easy and straightforward.  Whenever I had even an idea, you explored the options and showed me what would work and how.  You even booked a last minute tour for us for Italy when we contacted you from Santorini!

 Thank you Tanja.

 All the best,

 Fred and Christine



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