Featured Wedding – Rachel + Jason Christmas Proposal

“It was Christmas Eve 2010. My parents, Jason’s parents, his brother, and his brother’s girlfriend had arrived for their Christmas visit. Unbeknownst to me, Jason sneakily found a way to inform everyone of his plan. My parents were smiling an awful lot that evening, (which makes more sense thinking about it now), but I never thought much of it that night. Jason and I had had numerous conversations about getting engaged (like most couples do), but I knew (or so I thought), that it wasn’t in our best interest financially to wait until next summer, so I was not expecting anything to happen this Christmas.

Christmas morning went as usual. Wake up, breakfast, and presents! After all the gifts were opened, Jason and I were putting our gifts away in our room. We had received some cash from his parents for a day of skiing at Sunshine, so I turned to put that cash in our dresser for safe keeping. When I turned back at him he was standing there holding this beautiful ring that we had saw in the store just a few days earlier!

Because I was not expecting this, I screamed, cried, backed into a wall, and HIT MY HEAD! Apparently the entire family heard the scream and the thump. I paced in circles for a few minutes, and asked him a million questions…”Who already knew?” “How did he get the ring?”, “When did he get it?” etc.

He had spent so much time convincing me we should wait, but it was all a lie! Jason walked closer to me, holding this beautiful ring and I kept saying, “Oh my god!” Finally, I realized that I should shush so he could speak, so I held my breath and waited…his eyes were tearing up too. He grabbed my hands, looked at me and asked, “Will you be my bear?” (that is my nickname from him). I nodded yes, cried more, let him slide the ring on my finger, hugged him and kissed him!

Afterward, I spent a few minutes fixing my then Mimi Bobeck make up, and we headed down to show the family. My mother was crying more than I was, and my father wasn’t far off either. The three of us were in the middle of a family hug, when my one-year old Beagle puppy felt the urge to contribute to our joy. Pork Chop, (our pup) looked up at me, cocked her head to the side (as Beagles often do), jumped up, and began to hump my leg with a full on grind! The room filled with laughter, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the loving family, fiancĂ© (now husband), and puppy that I have! My Christmas was perfect!”



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