Manique & Kalum, Honeymoon in Tahiti

Manique and Kalum knew exactly what they wanted for their honeymoon and not even an airline strike the day of their departure would stop them from getting on the one flight offered that day to Tahiti (which was now oversold). Talk about a stressful start for them and for me, making calls and praying they board. Being savvy and persitant they were successful and I say it was meant to be, just as they are!  

Love Story

Manique and Kalum met in Ottawa while both attending Carleton University. Manique was studying Journalism and Kalum was studying Architecture. If it wasn’t for their mutual friend introducing them, Manique would have never crossed over to the dark world of Carleton Architecture students and their story would have never began. They have been dating for seven years and have been inseparable ever since. In fact, Kalum moved all the way from Ottawa to Calgary just to be with Manique. Despite the good and the bad, they have always found their way back to each-other. They are each-other’s best friend, the person they can always count on and act silly with and they are looking forward to embarking on the next chapter of their lives together.

Wedding date: June 12, 2010 (in Canada)

Honeymoon date: June 15 – 23, 2010

Location: Moorea, Tahiti  (Hotel Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort)

Why Tahiti?  

We always wanted to visit either Fiji or Tahiti to enjoy their unbelievably beautiful beaches and their isolation from rest of the world. It was a dream holiday destination that we decided to fulfill for our honeymoon.  

Best moment of the honeymoon:

Eating crêpes while watching reef sharks swim by, and looking out for the first time from our overwater bungalow’s deck at the surrounding ocean.

Week in Paradise:

The resort and our over the water bungalow was fantastic. One our second day there, the resort gave us a complimentary bottle of wine. Also, the best snorkeling was definitely right behind our bungalow. The staff at the resort was helpful, and the food was good too. Our favorite by far was the crepe restaurant, we just wish it wasn’t only open for dinner. We also went to the resort’s Polynesian buffet dinner and show which was really worth the money. The resort spa was also wonderful.

It was really a great bonus that the snorkeling and kayaking at the resort was free. This was basically all we wanted to do and it was convenient and free, which was perfect.

The only thing about our resort was its distance from the shopping plaza, other hotels or the pier. For those couples, like us, who sometimes like to venture off the resort grounds, it was somewhat difficult and expensive as the taxis are really expensive there. Fortunately, we were told (by a tour guide) about a public bus which we took one day back from the pier. We were offered a ride by a friendly staff member to the pier where we took the ferry and spent the morning in Tahiti. Everyone in Moorea is so friendly and being able to speak French with the locals definitely helped us fit right in.

Other than the 1 day it was raining on and off and 1 stormy day of weather,  it was perfect.

Advice to future honeymooners:

Go somewhere you’ve always dreamed of travelling to. No matter what happens, it will never fail in being an unforgettable trip!

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  1. Mano W says:

    Hey kids, glad you had an awesome time in TAHITI. These moments are only yours to reflect on in life, when you need a sunny day. You both are truly blessed.
    Lots of LOVE 🙂

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