Aliesha & Kevin, Dreams La Romana

When I first talked to the bride, Aliesha, she had done an extensive amount of research looking for the perfect location for her destination wedding. It was clear that the Dominican Republic was high on her list and it was most important to her that all her guests attend. Their guest list was larger than most and they have family all throughout Canada and ultimately for this to work flights needed to match as much as possible and cost played a vital role.

The key factor to keep the cost lower in this case was to travel in shoulder season and we decided that April was a good month. Also in some cases, booking early means early booking bonuses. The Dreams Resorts are known for their early booking bonuses and thus pricing for the lovely Dreams La Romana became very affordable and thus they achieved their goals of many guests joining for a reasonable cost and also at a location that is visually stunning, with the luxury and service that the Dreams Resorts provide.

Wedding date: April 18, 2010

Location: Dreams La Romana, Dominican Republic

Most memorable moment: 

<Aliesha>  My most memorable moment of the wedding day was the calmness of walking around the corner, seeing Kevin, and the ocean, and being in complete awe, thinking this is exactly where I am supposed to be. You feel complete, and the rest of the world melts away, and all you see is that person you want to share your life with.

<Kevin>  My most memorable moment was having dinner on the beach. I loved that there was a sunset over the ocean, the breeze, and being surrounded by our best friends and family.

Feedback of the resort/services received while in destination:

<Aliesha> I don’t know where to start – the resort was absolutely amazing, the food choices were fantastic, and the service was excellent. As with any resort, I am sure, there were a few times that we had to wait, but being able to go to a “restaurant” without having to make a reservation was a definite bonus. We didn’t have to decide the day before where we wanted to go and eat the next night.

They also had 24 hour room service; you could order a bottle of rum if you wanted to! There was always something happening if you were interested in playing games and participating in the resort functions, and what we really appreciated was that the staff would let us know about it, (we also received a resort newsletter the night before, they’d just slide it under the door) and not be pushy about you participating if you didn’t want to.

For our wedding, I could have used a little bit more info from the co-ordinator, but on the same note, she made it very stress free – if something had of gone wrong, I really wouldn’t have known about it. The dinner on the beach was amazing, but I wouldn’t suggest anyone take up on the offer of a DJ. We did, and no one really danced. I would have liked to have a little bit more of a guideline from them, but that is neither here nor there. The ceremony was excellent, less than 10 minutes by our choice, and the gazebo was exactly what we were looking for. I would have liked the photographer to have taken a few more pictures other than just the ceremony, but I probably should have been clearer regarding that.
Otherwise, everything went smoothly.

Advice to future couples planning a destination wedding:

<Aliesha> Take the extra time and spend the extra money on having the photographer stay with you longer (or take one of your own). Do the trash the dress session a day or two after. Don’t worry about the weather – it can pour rain for an hour, and be sunny twenty minutes after.


Aliesha and Kevin are happily married and expecting their first child!

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