9 reasons to book with a Travel Advisor

Say what? Did you just ask yourself, “what is a Travel Advisor” or “who uses those anymore?”  Here are reasons why there is a growing trend back to working with a trusted professional and why many continue to use services of a TA (Travel Advisor).

  1.  The desire for personal service from a human being who cares
  2. An advisor recommends the best options for you and brings to the table all their expertise including their colleagues expertise rather than searching the internet or dealing with an agent that is very transactional.
  3. You value your time. A Travel Advisor will do the hours of research for you.
  4. A TA knows the right questions to ask. How often do you book your travel incorrectly and have tried to fix it after the fact? Not so easy.
  5. You have a contact to call in the case of emergency while you are traveling. Changing flights, extending your vacation can all done with one call or email rather than wasting valuable vacation time or trying to get a hold of airlines in the case of an emergency or schedule change.
  6. For those customized itineraries, your TA knows how to build your vacation with reputable travel suppliers and make it extra special with their black book of contacts.
  7. A TA is there for you right from the start to finish and will call you to welcome you home and values your honest feedback of your vacation.
  8. A TA will always make your trip memorable because when you are honest of what you need, why you are traveling and your likes and dislikes, a TA can really hone in on the best option and enhance your trip to the fullest.
  9. A TA will be in touch with you to discuss your next trip and to help with your travel bucket list.


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