Unplugged Destination Wedding – Should You Have One?

As you start packing for your vacation, there is one thing that you should use all the time and can’t forget…a camera!
As you start packing for a destination wedding, there is one thing that you should use less or not at all…a camera!
More and more couples are asking guests to turn off  their cameras and their smart phones during their wedding ceremony. As the findings have it, if guests are not taking pictures during the ceremony, chances are they can relax and are not picture happy during the rest of the festivities.
BUT, why would you opt for an unplugged wedding and hire a photographer for the entire day?
  • The hired photographer can to do their work and get the best shots without having to compete for space and with the flashes of all the guests camera’s.
  • Think of what kind of pictures the hired photographer will have of the wedding guests if everyone has their cameras or phones out taking pictures. Pictures of  guests taking a picture? Imagine the emotion and realism the photographer can capture when guests are truly present.
  • Your wedding pictures and special moments will not be spread throughout social media before you see them! 
  • Hiring a photographer encourages guests to be in the moment with the bride and groom, and not watch the first kiss through the video screen on their smartphone.
Unplugged wedding pic 2
Is there a reason why you are choosing an unplugged wedding? How did you or how do you plan on requesting it?
There are many excellent ways to request this politely of your guests. I love the sign idea, stating a remark on your ceremony or program cards, or the officiant could say a few words requesting guests not to take pictures.
Have a creative sign by the ceremony site with suggested wording such as this:
“Welcome to our unplugged wedding. We invite you to be fully present with us during the ceremony. Please turn off  all cell phones and cameras. Thank you!”
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What do you think of an unplugged destination wedding? Is this something you would do or participate in? Why or why not?
Let me know!
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