Why a Destination Wedding is right for you

Destination Wedding Tips

So… why a Desination Wedding may be right for you?

  • You have family all across the country or all across the world and most guests will need to travel regardless of where your wedding is located. Let’s meet in paradise!
  • You would like an intimate gathering. The guest list of a destination wedding is usually smaller, which allows you to indulge in extra luxuries and invite your closest friends and family.
  • You would like something different as this is your second-marriage or you are renewing your wedding vows.
  • You would like to privately elope in paradise. You can be legally wed abroad; the resort can provide witnesses and then if you like, have your wedding reception when you return home!
  • You would like to spend less on your wedding. The average cost of a Canadian wedding is $30,000 (and may be more if you live in major cities). Destination weddings are considerable less cost than this. If your budget is restrictive, Mexico and the Caribbean provide great value and even free weddings in some cases.
  • Your dreams include a lavish and exotic wedding. The sky is the limit and even that limit is being tested with Branson’s project of piloting people into space. Imagine exchanging vows sans gravity. If you can dream it, I can make it possible from having your own private island for your wedding group to exotic locations such as a Tuscan Castle or the floor of the Grand Canyon and everything in between. I am also fortunate to have the contacts of A-list wedding planners who know how to make your day as magical as your dream.
  • *You can experience your very own weddingmoon (wedding and honeymoon combined)! You have already purchased your airfare. Why not take the second week and enjoy your wedded bliss. You can stay where you are or change locations for a new experience.
  • You need less stress and want a carefree wedding. Already struggling with how to fit in wedding planning in the short time you have before your big day? Once you have the logistics of your destination wedding sorted, your wedding is taken care of by the resort wedding planner and I take care of your travel arrangements and guest’s questions and requests. Pick your colours. Add in your special requests and voila, it is done up for you.

Now, to find the perfect dress…

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